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Carpentry is the skill of building and repairing things with wood. When an old home falls into disrepair it can seem daunting and overwhelming, even impossible. But that isn't the case at all, all homes are built with wood, glass, and concrete. And there are many new solutions being made to help maintain and update older homes to keep them in use for another fifty to one hundred more years.


It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space. Whether you want to put a fresh coat of classic white on so your wall decorations stand out for themselves, choose some fun colors to make a space unique, or just need to touch up that peeling paint to make it look fresh. We can handle your painting needs. 

Smaller jobs

Sometimes you just need some help with the small projects. Whether it's getting those pictures mounted at the right height or in a level row. Maybe you need a tv wall mounted. Or need that mail box replaced that has been leaning for a year. We can handle all kinds of your smaller tasks and repairs. 

Larger jobs

Sometimes the task might be a little larger. Like needing an outside deck or stairs replaced. Maybe the whole house needs to be painted. Or the kitchen needs an update.


Maintenance is very important to an older home. Whether it is a fresh coat of paint to keep wood from rotting, keeping gutters clean to keep water away from the house, or fixing a loose door hinge before the whole door falls off. Maintenance is the key to keeping small repairs from turning into larger more expensive repairs.

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